Why Intensiti Online Coaching?


Is your mantra, “I don’t have time”?

Do you feel like you are juggling too many tasks and the last thing you can take on is going to a gym and trying to figure out what to do? Or you HAVE been going to a gym, but doing the same thing hasn’t given you the results you are looking for?

What if you had your own personal fitness coach at your fingertips that understands your crazy-busy schedule? A coach that knows you have 10 min on Monday and zero equipment and can still deliver an efficient plan tailored to your exact needs?

Fitting in Fitness IS possible!


“Intensiti fitness is great! Kristi is attentive, works around schedules and can help you build to your goals! Her enthusiasm and energetic personality gets you pumped and ready to succeed! She was able to incorporate my physical therapy stretches and exercises into my routine to meet my needs! I would recommend Intensiti to anyone looking for knowledge and encouragement on their journey to a healthier lifestyle!”

-Rachel R


Kristi is a Certified Online Trainer, Certified ACSM Personal Trainer, has her Masters in Exercise Physiology, taught Exercise Physiology and Physical Conditioning classes collectively for 6 years at the collegiate level, corporate fitness programming for over 6 years, and has been in the fitness industry teaching group exercise and personal training since 2007.

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Fitness Made Easy!

Online Fitness Coaching gives you the opportunity to have me as your personal coach when it fits YOUR schedule, no matter where you are located. I will give you a performance plan that will empower you to succeed on your own AND I can help you whenever you have questions. This model is a huge cost savings (coaching in person would be 3xs+ the amount), it is super convenient (complete your workouts on YOUR time) and working with an expert (custom programs to meet YOUR needs). I will be your personal coach to help to teach you how to overcome barriers to your goals.

The intake forms will ask what equipment you do or do not have accessible to you. Plans can (and have) been made body-weight only.

The intake forms will ask what equipment you do or do not have accessible to you. Plans can (and have) been made body-weight only.

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Imagine this….it’s time to workout:

You put in your headphones and put on your favorite music (regardless if you are at home or at your gym). Instead of fumbling around trying to figure out what to do, you pull up your new program that your coach sent you. It’s a core exercise with ab focus, just as you requested. With your program in front of you (video of your exercises, descriptions, # of repetitions, weight, and journal to document your intensity) you WASTE NO TIME and go for it.


Is Intensiti Online Coaching for you?


Who this Program is For:

  • Millennials who are new to exercise or looking to get back into exercise.

  • Those looking to have an affordable and personalized fitness program that meet your goals.

  • Those looking to build in healthy habits.

  • Those looking for motivation to keep them on track.

  • Those looking for a solution to fit fitness into their day.

  • Positive environment with an encouraging coach.

This Program Isn’t For:

  • Those looking to compete in Fitness Competitions

    • That is a full time fitness and nutrition commitment

  • Those looking for a fast solution for rapid weight loss

    • Rapid solutions almost always fail. I want you to be successful by making small changes and healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Those over-stressed

    • I don’t want this program to be “something else” you are doing. This program should be important and a commitment to your health.


"As a busy young parent with limited time and access to a gym, Kristi has been able to develop a program to meet my needs and considers my current barriers, creating avenues for success. If I have a question or change in life, she's quickly there to support and find way to continue my journey towards a healthier me." -Adam F.

Benefits on Intensiti Online Coaching


  • An expert will create a customized fitness plan based on where you are now, your goals, and your preferences.

  • Program will constantly be monitored and will be adjusted based on progressions, your feedback, and many other factors.

  • Peace of mind that you have a solid fitness plan.


  • Get your questions on programming, form, or exercise between your workouts.

  • Based on your coaching package, communication could include:

    • In-app instant messenger

    • Skype

    • Email


  • Your plan will be created based on what equipment you own or have access to.

  • Price of training is lower because there are no overhead costs such as a gym membership or a gym’s cut in training price.


  • Complete your workouts on YOUR schedule; workouts will be provided through an app that you can open up and complete when it is convenient to you.

  • A customized plan that works for you and adjusts based on how you progress with the workout and your schedule.

  • Workouts are planned with equipment you already own or have access to.