Why I Started Speaking


“Kristi is ahead of the game when it comes to connecting with people. Her session on increasing client retention provided me time to reflect on my own behaviors and brainstorm changes I could make to better engage the individuals who walk through the doors of my fitness center every day. I put Kristi’s tips into practice during her interactive workshop, and I left feeling confident and ready to return to my fitness center to focus on creating stronger, more meaningful connections with the people around me.”

-Kelly Gathman, CHES, ACSM EP-C 

Wellness Coordinator, Milwaukee, WI.


Kristi’s Mission: “Move the masses” through training and continuing education for fitness educators.

I’ve learned from previous experiences in the industry, attending numerous fitness classes, and from past experiences teaching a wide variety of classes that there are many challenges in teaching group fitness classes, personal training, and fitness education in the industry.

The fitness industry is a people industry. Having the “soft skills” is essential. Being able to communicate, build rapport, and show appreciation are just a few skills I feel very passionate about.

Picture this: you are subbing for a Strength Class. You have a plan, like you always do. Enter:

  • 26 year old “Abby” - never worked out in her life.

  • 35 year old “Tom” - marathon runner.

  • 43 old “Nick” - injured right shoulder and left knee.

  • 55 year old “Jerry” - regular to the class.

  • 72 year old “Bette” - spitfire that will do anything you say.

Will you still teach the class as planned? How will you adapt “on-the-fly”?

THIS, this is the reason I began speaking. I have seen and been to hundreds if not, thousands of fitness classes that have had so many MISSED OPPORTUNITIES to connect, modify, and meet participants where they are at.

Fact: Fitness Educators have a very extensive background in exercise science.

Truth: It takes a LOT of practice, experience, and creativity to run a fitness class, workshop, personal training session, or education experience of any kind. Fitness educators are constantly faced with challenges. Every. Single. Day. Every client, member, or person you come into contact with will have their own health history and you will never be able to have a cookie cutter plan.

Enter me, Kristi: With my extensive background working with kids with autism spectrum disorder to the geriatric population, from those just starting out with exercise to ironman athletes, and those from the busy parent to the backward-scheduled student, I can educate those interested in starting exercise, to those that have the exercise background and are interested in becoming the best trainer and educator they can be.